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FAQ - Payments

Q:  I want to order 30 booklets but 3 different front covers, how much will this cost?
A:  Your order is 20 or more in total so you will pay £1.99 each. When choosing the ‘Quantity Option’ scroll down to the 20+ £1.99 button for each of the 3 designs, then use the ‘Add to Basket’ to order how many you want.

Q: Because I will want a different cover for the boys to the girls, will I still get them @ £2.09 each?? As it looks like I must order 11 of each to get that price..
Yes, you will get them at £2.09 each as the price is based on your total order of 15. Please scroll down to the 11-19 £2.09 Quantity Option for each of the different covers.

Q:  I have just ordered 27 booklets but charged £2.39 each instead of £1.99
 You have chosen the wrong ‘Quantity Option’. I check all orders and refund any overpayments. Refunds are processed at time of dispatch via PayPal, who will send the refund via the original payment method (eg: back to your credit card). Confirmation of refund will be sent with your order.
NB: If an underpayment has occurred, I will contact you via the email address you have used for PayPal. This may delay your order. 

Q:  Do you offer discount for bulk orders?
A:  Yes, I normally offer between 5% and 10% discount depending on size of order, email for more information

Q:  I ordered last year, will you offer me a discount this year?
A:  Yes, depending on size of order I normally offer between 5% and 10%, email your requirements to

Q:  I do not have PayPal; can I send a cheque?
A:  You do not have to have a PayPal account to use it. They will safely take your payment using a credit or debit card. This is a very secure method to buy goods on the internet, as the person you are buying from does not have access to your payment card details. If you are a school – special arrangements can be made. However, PayPal is still the most secure and fastest way to process any orders. Please contact me via email if you require any further information.

FAQ – Booklet design

Q:  Can the booklets be personalised?
A:  Yes, but they have to be ordered specially, and the printer adds about £1.00 per book (depending on size of order) and it can take 3 weeks.

Q: Is it possible to have more pages in the books for writing messages on? I love the pre-designed pages you have featured on your website, but just thinking it would be great if it could double up as an autograph book for kids to write messages to each other when leaving too. 
A:  The booklets are pre-printed and any changes would require a special order.  This makes the booklets quite expensive as the printers charge me a lot more for small orders.  They are also 2.75” square, (small but cute), so may not make an ideal autograph book anyway.  However, the two inside covers are blank, so the children would have room for a couple of their best friends to sign.

FAQ - Dispatch

Q:  I need them urgently, how quickly can you send them?
A:  I normally allow 2 days to process and dispatch orders. I use 2nd class post to keep my prices low. I am often able to dispatch on the same or next day following receipt of payment from PayPal. If you send me a text 07866 200239 or email me - – I will confirm when dispatch is likely and if necessary, I can use first class post (depending on the size of the order, this may incur an additional charge). I can sometimes arrange special next day delivery – but this does add to the cost. Please contact me before ordering.

Q:  I have just ordered one design but would now like a mixture of designs instead.
A:  No problem, please contact me urgently and if I haven’t already sent them your new requirements will be dispatched instead.